Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

Institutional Review Board for Ethical Standards in Research

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring that all Walden University research complies with the university's ethical standards as well as U.S. federal regulations. IRB approval is required before collection of any data, including pilot data. Walden University does not accept responsibility for research conducted without the IRB's approval, and the university will not grant credit for student work that failed to comply with the policies and procedures related to ethical standards in research.

The IRB application should be completed by all students and faculty members who are conducting research projects of any scope involving collection or analysis of data. The only categories of research that do not need to be submitted for IRB approval are literature reviews, hypothetical research designs, and faculty projects that are completely independent of Walden resources, participants, and funding. IRB approval for course-based research projects should be obtained by the faculty member who designs the course.

The following self-paced online tutorial provides general information about the IRB as well as tips to help prepare researchers for the review process:

Self-paced Tutorial on the IRB's Ethics Review at Walden

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Application and General Materials

IRB Application

IRB Guide for Researchers Using the Participant Pool

IRB Guide for Archival Researchers

IRB Guidance for International Research

Research Ethics FAQs for Educational Settings

Research Ethics FAQs for Clinical/Intervention Settings

Sample Consent Form for Adults (for participants over 18)

Sample Assent Form (for participants under 18)

Sample Parental Consent Form for a Child

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Letter of Cooperation

Sample Data Collection Coordination Request

Sample Data Use Agreement

Sample Authorization to Use or Disclose PHI for Research Purposes Form

Request for Change in Procedures Form

Adverse Event Reporting Form



National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Subjects Protection Training Module

U.S. Office for Human Research Protections

Read the IRB Policy in the Walden catalog

View U.S. Federal Regulations:

View U.S. Federal Regulations Relevant to Prisoners as Participants:

View U.S. Federal Regulations Relevant to Children as Participants:

View U.S. Federal Regulations Relevant to Informed Consent Procedures:

Visit NIH Kiosk for Federal Certificates of Confidentiality:

View More Information on Using Protected Health Information in Research:

HIPAA Implications for Research:

Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Uniform Electronic Transaction Act:

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